Parcel Force Building Interior

Parcel Force Building Interior, Bristol

Shot with a Phantom 3 Professional inside the the building

Parcel Force Building

Parcel Force Building, Bristol

Show with a DJI S1000 and a Canon 5D mark III

Skylark Aerial Services is a CAA approved commercial drone operator.

We currently fly two drones.  The first is a DJI S1000 Camera drone, fitted with a Canon 5D camera that can take high quality photographs or High Definition video.  The DJI S1000 is a heavy-lift OctoCopter (eight rotors) which features a full gyroscopically stabilised camera gimbal.

The S1000 can also support multiple data acquisition devices for any industry, including 360 degree video cameras, LIDAR, RADAR, pollution monitors, etc...

Our second drone is a DJI Phantom with a 4K High Quality camera.  A smaller drone than the S1000 it enables us to fly closer to buildings and people.  Ideal for aerial shots of houses and buildings, the Phantom also enables us to carryout roof or building surveys.  Deployable in minutes, surveys can be undertaken far more quickly and cheaply than more traditional methods. 

Feel free to contact us about your needs and we’ll be more than happy to work out the logistics.